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Who am I ?

Founder of AAR Consultancy, I am an MBA, holding multiple certifications from top institutes and corporations including Google, and has over 11 years in managing online marketing campaigns, for a long list of companies, in very diverse industries. I am an Online Marketing Consultant, noted keynote speaker and trainer.


Things were not always, that good. After several mistakes in life, he came to Singapore, with house mortgaged, $100,000 in debt to complete his graduation at a ripe age of 25. Studying and sitting in class with other students 6-7 years younger. To add to pressure of success, his dad was over 60 years, a service man now retired.


Fast forward to 10 years later, having gone through death of closed ones, an accident that almost took his wife away from him, battling finances and health, and almost running away from home, he now owns a house, has a beautiful wife and an awesome son. He says: parents, sister & God has been his guide, wife his strongest support and 1-year-old son his inspiration. In-fact having such a beautiful gift – his son - Aarush, has been the turning point in his life. He has been very ably supported by his in-lawstoo. He says ," I was very lucky to have my family always by my side".


Every struggle has made him more determined to succeed and help companies honestly and sincerely. He doesn’t want to be sitting down anymore, he left his work even though monthly incomes were coming in and set out to sincerely make a difference with his skills.


AAR Consultancy was started to help companies manage their online visibility more effectively. Soumik clearly states “I am not your average vendor or agency, my job is to work with you, to work for your success together”


His clients already have ad vendors, but he works with them to make sure they are generating the right results, training their staff and jumping in hands on if help is required for Search Engine optimization, AdWords, social or more.


His vision, “Every dollar earned is so important, there shouldn’t be a scenario where clients spend more than what they get, I want to help clients get more knowledgeable and make wise decisions for their online marketing strategy. AAR is the first 3 alphabets of my son’s name, I wouldn’t tarnish it and delivery only top quality work. My objective, your success!”

My Work So Far !

Over 10 years experienced in hands on SEO, Social Media Marketing, AdWords, Content Marketing, eCommerce strategy-launch-implementation, mobile app marketing, programmatic, DSP, Marketing Strategy and more. 


         Throughout my career due to my IT background, have worked with technologies, mobile app development, website, eCommece, CRMs, Facebook developments, project managed development and system migrations as added responsibility with marketing.

An MBA, with numerous marketing and branding certifications including Hubspot Inbound, Google AdWords, Display, Search, Video, Analytics and Shopping certification. 

        At my current role in AAR Consultancy, I have been 

featured on Asian Entrepreneur Portals and Huffington Post and also a tech contributor and writer for many sites. Published author on Facebook: Community Management, Ads and Crisis Management with books on Kindle and Amazon sites. Trainer

with NTUC Learning, Kaplan, Happy Marketer and Conversion Hub - A SPH Associate company. Recently my developed Digital Boot Camp course got launched in Republic Polytechnic.

Lecturer at James Cook University Singapore teaching Managing Brand and Consumer marketing.
       Some of my clients include, Mindchamps, German European School, Dassault Systemes, Popety, NTUC Learning, James Cook University, Conversion Hub, Generations - A Mckinsey & Company org, Polytechnics, Happy Marketer, Innobay, Kaplan UEX Global, 8I Investments, 80 Startups & more. Work ranges from training to implementations, launches, installs, ROI, acquisitions through various platforms and more through Digital/Online Marketing.


      Previously worked for Streetdirectory, MDIS, Ogilvy, American Express, Mothercare and more. Most of these roles, I was leading the team, mentoring, guiding, implementing hands on to achieve all KPIs using various digital marketing channels. 

      Account lead In Ogilvy & Mather and was managing digital marketing for Unilever, Nestle, IBM, Guinness, Cathay, SingTel, Lynas & more (across various industries), strategy, content and implementation. Project managed app development for other clients.

      American Express: In charge of digital marketing and capabilities for Consumer Card acquisitions. I launched two cards during my time, American Express KrisFlyer Ascend and Amex CashBack with great success. Met KPIS of card acquisition, with SEO, AdWords, Affiliate, DPSs, Social and more. Leading a team. Project Manager for System Migration from Singapore and project managed implementation of other technologies for Marketing

      At Mothercare, I was Head of Marketing - leading a team and actively involved in creation, planning and strategies on the eCommerce site launch for Singapore. Included working with developers as Project manager, data sorting, uploads, planning site layout and content based on SEO strategies, working on Magento Platform, devising and setting up hands on Adwords, SEO, Social Ads. Worked on Magento and ExactTargetROI of more than 10X.


My at my BEST :-)

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