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Are you Getting a Health Online ROI

Online ROI
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This is my first attempt at a blog. I am CEO and founder of AAR Consultancy : (name of my 1 year old son, so I do not intend to take my work lightly) a digital marketing company, an MBA with 11+ years experience helping manage digital / online marketing for various industries. Been guest speakers at seminar and conferences and provided corporate training to SMEs and MNCs alike

I wanted to share some common issues and problems that may SMEs or even MNCs have that I have realised consulting and doing Audit for them. Don't fall into any of these traps:

  • They realised Vendors weren’t giving entire picture. They were highlighting results that were good, but no necessarily effective towards the bigger picture.

  • Website wasn’t optimised for success. And bounce rates were high. 

  • Have huge community but engagement rate on Social was very low, a large number of community or fans weren’t even getting their posts and that is a HUGE opportunity loss. They already liked you, then why aren’t they coming back or reading you more? SO you got them in, but couldn’t hold on to them!

  • They spend money going out there online, but didn’t know they could EXACTLY look for their most ideal customers online by methods,  spending low on ad buys and increasing ROIS.

  • Campaigns were optimised for traffic and clicks not for conversion. My clients needed help on finding optimal CPA and budget. A lot of them decide their spend online without knowing how best to do it.

  • Competitors were gaining fast on them and they weren’t aware.Their vendors said they had high “Organic- Natural” traffic stating their search engine optimisation campaigns were success.

  • On analysis I realised 80% plus of the natural traffic was with company branded keywords (names). Well, then what about others who could potential find you with services and products you offer in this competitive market. (SE) doesn’t require AD buy, but involved Technical coding on site and off site stuff to ensure you outrank competitors. I specialise in this having done SEO for hundreds of sites)

  • Some had ads, search, social all working well, but demography of traffic was far from target.

  • SO all money was being spent on getting irrelevant traffic. Some didn’t even have a way to measure and see that.Some used it as a validation that what they are doing is correct. Validation coming from an online expert like me to analyse and feedback.

Online Audit is become a necessity not a luxury anymore.  You can't be blind to online opportunities and best practices. Shouldn't fall into negative traps and spend effort and money the right way.

Soumik Chakraborty Father, Author, Online Marketing Specialist,

CEO, AAR Consultancy www.aaronline.sg

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